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Beka Schreder Exterior

Beka Schreder Exterior

The Site comprises of four significant buildings, the Warehouse, the Old Administration Block and two “new” Administration Blocks. The blocks were added as and when the company expanded over the years and as a result the synergy between the buildings was completely disjointed externally and worse so internally.  



The concept was to design a simple refurbishment proposal which targeted three key variables; Cost, Maintenance and most importantly Visual Impact. The client issued specific aesthetic requirements in order to maintain the Company’s CI and primary areas were targeted both externally and Internally.


Design Details

The design is simple, yet uses a basic palette of colour and texture to define form and space. Externally, the form of the buildings was defined through the use of Black and White paint colours and Wooden Cladding. Bold building signage was introduced and used as a method to conceal unsightly existing structures, aiding the client in cementing it’s identity on site. 


Internally, the reception became a focus being the first point of entry into the building. Simple techniques of introducing more natural light, clear bold signage, and addressing basic refurbishment elements, those being; walls floors and paint colour, aided in the complete transformation of the space. Further, the staircase to the main offices was built in a way that concealed a considerable amount of the Ground Floor space, and this was completely demolished and opened up becoming a noted refurbishment feature,