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ERG Atrium Refurb

ERG Atrium


Project Description

The contemporary office space was met with a very outdated and underactive Atrium. The building’s atriums are intended to provide a space for office patrons however, lack of adequate shading and seating has left them desolate. An upliftment of the space was required in order to reactivate the space.

Project Brief

A space was required that could cater to both the day and night uses of the office. A bar like area was requested should any functions be held, as well as adequate seating which could be enjoyed during breaks throughout the day.

Design Details

The palm trees surrounded two of the four perimeters of the courtyard which narrowed the size of the workable space and created unwanted passages which were left with remnants of lunches. The approach was to completely open the space whilst keeping the one set of palm trees in order to create a quieter seating area and natural shade. The massive storm drains were covered with the new pavers and composite timber decking was used to accent the main area. The result is an inviting and open space which can now be used to its full potential.