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One Sturdee Basement Entrance

One Sturdee Basement Entrance


Project Description

The One Sturdee Building stretches across the length of its adjacent road, Baker Street in Rosebank. As the building has slowly repositioned itself, a major deterrent for potential tenants was the lack of wayfinding and clarity on building access. A design was required to highlight the lowest entrance to the building and its accompanying façade.

Project Brief

The lowest part of the building required a major uplift and the intended design was to set the aesthetic tone for the rest of the building should a façade refurbishment ever take place.

Design Details

A key geometry was identified and used as the focal point for the design, the circular stairwell. Black powder coated, rectangular square hollow sections were used to create the design. Set at different height intervals, the intention was to emphasise the contrasting form of the circular stairwell. Additional back lights were installed in order to begin to give the façade a Prescence in its ever-modernizing context.  Vegetation and cladding were installed along the full extent of the building boundary. Together the contrasting materials and their unique lighting designs create a beautiful interplay of texture which highlights the overall existing forms.