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One Sturdee Mezzanine

One Sturdee Mezanine Level


Project Description

The ground floor of the one sturdee building once housed an auditorium which the landlords struggled to promote to existing tenants. A design intervention was needed to repurpose the space and capitalise on its potential

Project Brief

The Landlord wished to create a Mezanine office space. Oblik worked with project mangers, Schematic in a turnkey solution which sought LSF engineers to create a lightweight steel structure.

Design Details

In keeping to the industrial theme that has become the genre of a number of office spaces within the building, the light weight steel columns remained exposed. Complimentary materials such as wood used for the stair treads and face brick cladding, was used to add additional design elements. The structural design of the space plays a key role in articulating the beautifully transformed space.