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Suntyger Office Building

Suntyger Office Building

The Suntyger Building is situated in the quieter suburb of Belville. The existing building boasts large exposed steel trusses with expansive balconies and ease of access off the main road. The yellow facebrick did little to enhance these stronger façade elements. The scale and open circulation of the building is missed due to the overall aesthetic being dull and dated.



To add design elements that will uplift the existing façade and overall look and feel of the space, unlocking value and encouraging a larger tenant occupation.


Design Details

The Cape Dutch style was used as a precedent and the design comprises of three elements, paint, floor finishes and a new coffee shop and staircase design. The façade was broken down into different forms and black and white paint is being used to highlight the impressive layout and existing design elements. A new industrial look free standing Coffee shop and Stairwell structure were incorporated to activate the existing courtyard and create a unique identity for the building that potential users could use as a landmark.

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