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The Aviary

The Aviary

The building sits within a dated building park, it has a prominent entrance façade and position within the area. The overall form of the building highlighted potential, although internally the spaces were dated and poorly articulated.



The brief consisted of transforming the prominent façade into a building unrecognizable from its original form. There were multiple designs which addressed basic principles such as paint colour and form definition however the final one contained two detail elements which elevated the entire proposal; Vegetation and Lazer Cut panels. These two features created a completely different look and feel for the existing building.  


Design Details

The overall design combines contrasting textures and materials to highlight the building’s existing form. Carefully designed Lazer Panels create a waterfall of geometric shadows and awaken the once poorly defined spaces. The second vegetative layer, also aids in both visually enhancing the outside and inside simultaneously. The constant interplay between these two items elevates the entire façade and internal spaces, which successfully redefine the building for potential tenants.