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Wear Check

Wear Check

The Site used to house Absa’s Cash Centre. Situated at the end of an office park overlooking an impressive Greenland Belt, the previous owner did little to acknowledge the view. The existing layout was a dark, maze like layout with small offices which were secondary to the massive vaults, warehouse and security rooms. Externally the architecture of the building holds more structural integrity with the mono- pitched roof and impressive steel frame construction with brick infill walls.  



The concept was to redesign the space in such a way that the building read as something in complete contrast to the previous layout and spatial quality. Internally, the view needed to be emphasized as an original and significant feature of the building’s impressive position on the sloped site. The space needed to be maximized and redeveloped in order to gain floor area and add value to the letting potential of the building. Once Wear Check Motoring Specialists took on the space, the internal focus was to create a light Laboratory space that allowed employees flexibility and comfort in their new work environment.


Design Details

The interior was dissected into two potential spaces, where offices were strategically positioned to be orientated towards the view and the reception aligned with the carpark and Laboratory to accommodate clients and suppliers. The space was carefully planned to suit the specific tenant requirements and the result is a well lit and open flow Laboratory space and a subtle external refurbishment, which emphasized the unique design elements of the building.